Monday, January 3, 2011

Time to Relax

Busy day at work....deadlines to meet and my mind elsewhere. Husband at home taking care of last minute errands....packing... I am ready...mentally anyway.... still lots to do before we head out to Florida. Feeling better than I have in quite awhile. One last doctors appointment this morning, she is still not happy with my blood pressure but it is much improved...more med adjustments which I am a little nervous about doing while on vacation....I guess the cuff goes with me. Doctor also recommended Vitamin C supplements, and Probiotics (which she was only too happy to provide) to help boost my immune system. Friends had recommended the same thing the other day....so I left the office with arms loaded down with newly purchased supplements and a followup appointment scheduled for as soon as we get back. Praying that between sunshine, warmer weather, rest and oh yes...supplements, that I will continue to improve. Her other advice....hold off on the second surgery for awhile...you will get no argument from me on that one. So taking a break from all these medical folks for awhile...Lord willing....looking forward to that.
On another note, Charles Stanley had a great devotional this morning. He talked about how walking without God's word directing us is like walking in a pitch black forest without a flashlight. Such a great analogy because I can see myself fumbling around in the dark, tripping over tree roots, stepping in holes, running into stuff, getting all scratched up from hanging branches etc...I don't want to be fumbling around in the dark...I want Him directing my path.

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path"  Psalm 119:105

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