Saturday, January 29, 2011

It 's All About Perspective

I have been reading a book for the last couple of months that has really been timely in my life, given me much to think about and I believe God has used to help me get a better perspective on things.The book is"When Life is Hard" by James McDonald
This is a passage from the book, talking about God's goals during trials. "If you believe that God exists to make you comfortable, then you will find him very absent in your discomfort. If you believe God exists to make your life run smoothly, then you will find God very absent when your life hits a rocky patch. If you believe God exists to make you happy, then you will find God very absent when your heart is broken and your tears are flowing. But if you believe as the scriptures teaches that God's goal is to make you holy, then right in the center of your hardship, you will feel his arms around you. Through every intense heart wrenching moment of this trial, God's presence has and will become increasingly real. To have a right view of God, consider what he is doing in this trial. He's at work in your life even as a master craftsman works his art. You feel him at work like a house feels a carpenter; like a sculpture feels a sculptor; like a painting feels an artist---hammered, chiseled and brushed.
For me its an encouragement to know that God is doing something through my difficulties, it has a purpose, it is to help change me and to glorify him in the process. The bible says he is the potter we are the clay...reminder to self..I am not the potter.

"Yet O Lord you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are the work of your hand"
Isaiah 64:8

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