Monday, February 21, 2011


Back from Williamsburg today, the weather was perfect and we came back rested and refreshed. Had a couple of emotional moments, wondering when, if ever that will end. I don't get emotional often, but it happens. We were walking down the street of the historic section of Williamsburg and I was remembering the last time we were there, just so happens it was right after my surgery last fall. Got kind of teary, hesitated to talk to my husband about it because, after all, enough is enough, right, but it was ok because he was right there with me.....(also remembering) I am sure this coming year, as certain dates pass, we will have many more moments like this and we have decided that it's ok, we can still talk about the cancer, we are changed because of it, in a good way. We were able to have a conversation about what emotions we were both experiencing and move on, it was a moment, we were able to use it to remind each other on how faithful God has been, how he has sustained us, so it wasn't wasted. The next couple of weeks are going to be harder because of the surgery coming up. More doctors appointments again (still have to see oncologist and general surgeon) so its harder to push it into the background. Husband has been encouraging me, reminding me that this surgery not like the other, should be a "piece of cake" compared to last time. Will be glad when I am on the other side of it.

"The Lord is faithful to ALL his promises and loving toward all he has made"  Psalm 145:13b

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