Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be Still my Soul

I had my preop visit with my plastic surgeon today and things are beginning to fall in place. Told me what to expect, preop instructions given, consents signed and anxiety level going up. I was told this surgery will be much easier than the last, no drains this time...that was the best news. They had not received any of the paperwork or lab results from my PCP, they called her office while I was there hoping they would fax everything before I left but it didn't happen. Told me they would call me when they got the paperwork and lab results. Thinking since I have not heard from my PCP that I won't need the iron transfusion. The other minor glitch was blood pressure up again, not as bad as before, but still high, hoping it's "white coat syndrome" doctor made mention of it and asked if I was working on getting it down, not sure what I was supposed to do but I said yes I was working on it. I suppose I will start taking my blood pressure daily again, I was doing it for awhile then just didn't think about doing it anymore because it had been doing fine...oh well. Thankful to all the friends who having been encouraging me along the way, speaking truth of God's word, reminding me of his promises. I am amazed at how I will get a text or a phone call at just the right moment. Knowing someone is praying for you....such a blessing. It is going to be a battle the next couple of weeks, fear and anxiety the enemies. You would think by now this would no longer be a problem, I have seen God at work, he has been so faithful, yet I still struggle. I know he is with me, he is the shade at my right hand, my prayer is I will remember that.

"When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul"  Psalm 94:19

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