Friday, February 4, 2011

Going Gluten Free

I decided to try going Gluten Free last week to see if it would help the increased joint pain I was experiencing while taking Arimidex. Joint pain has been a problem for years, Arimidex just makes it worse. I have been reading that a Gluten sensitivity can cause inflammation, which can increase joint pain in some people. I had noted earlier the nurse practitioner for my oncologist said eliminating Gluten would not help joint pain...but I wanted to at least give it a try...if it doesn't help...I haven't lost anything. What has surprised me was how easily it was to find Gluten Free items. I knew Trader Joe's market had a lot of Gluten Free items but I have easily found many items in the store that I shop at. Several types of pasta, snacks (my favorite being "Sticks and Twigs" which my little grand daughter also loves) frozen waffles, baking mix just to mention a few things. Went online to search for Gluten Free pizza and came up with YNot Pizza (which just happens to be done the street from us... would be nice for Superbowl) Also found another site which listed several restaurants in our area which have Gluten Free offerings including Five Guys, Red Robin, PF Chang and Carrabbas. I am just beginning, eliminating the obvious stuff first...I know many products contain gluten that you wouldn't think...I am still in the process of discovering those. Hoping the diet change won't be too difficult to maintain..if it helps it will be worth it figured I'd give it at least a month. On another note called my oncologist today to give an update on how I was doing without Arimidex..they never called back... (hugely busy office)... really doesn't matter....I already knew I was supposed to go back on something, either the Arimidex or the Aromasin (which they had given me a script for) So tomorrow it's back to the Arimidex....holiday is over.

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Maggie Ann said...

no kidding..I didn't know Five Guys offered gluten free things. Great. I hope you are doing well...