Friday, May 6, 2011

Making Memories

Today I spent the day with a very special person, my grandson. This little guy is the only boy among two, soon to be three girls. We thought it would be nice to give him a day to be totally alone with us. So when the girls left last night, he stayed behind spent the night and was my companion while I ran my errands today.

I had already done my "serious" errands yesterday so these errands were strictly for fun.

First we went to the thrift store...you never know what treasures you will find there...spotted a small NASCAR car for .99...had to have that... son and grandson are big NASCAR fans. He wanted to get his big sister a "chapter" book, got one of those. Found a few other few odds and ends and we were off to stop number two.

Met Pop Pop for lunch, there was a lady doing balloon animals at the food court, she made him a mouse out of a balloon. Spent the next hour talking about how he didn't like real mice but the balloon mouse was OK.  "Do you like mouses grandma?" nope don't like real mice either!

We then went to the Gardens for their annual plant sale...got to train the boy young. Picked out my "treasures" then we went to the Children's Adventure Garden. They have fountains and swings and pumps and places to play. It's a child's delight. Although it was a little too cool to play in the water he enjoyed discovering all the little nooks that were spread throughout the play area. I liked the swings, they reminded me of old porch swings but these were made of metal and painted bright colors. We did a lot of swinging.

Nice to have a day with this little guy by himself, doesn't happen too often...the day ended with him fast asleep in the back of my car...I was ready for one of those myself!

Our new motto is "don't wait for opportunities, take opportunities" that's what today was all about.


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

What a precious day...there are so few and yes, "take the opportunity"...they also grow too fast. So glad he had a day with you.

Trisha said...

Oh, how sweet Maryann! You made memories he'll have always. I loved running errands with my grandmother and getting paid 50 cents to wash her car. :) Your day was a beautiful one of living life to the glory of God. Love and hugs!

LDH said...

Those were very sweet memories made spending time with your grandson.

PS i don't like mice either!

Debbie said...

I love that motto! It sounds like a perfectly wonderful time for you. Some day, I hope to be a grandma. My mother tells me that it's the world's best fun.