Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Want it Now

When I let my little dog out this morning I couldn't resist the temptation to explore outside. Walked around looking for signs of  life when I realized my pajamas and slippers were not adequate for the 30 degree temperatures. Once inside the nausea that has been plaguing  me all week returned. I am on the mend, did not take any pain medicine yesterday, and the various shades of yellow and blue which cover my chest and abdomen indicate that healing is taking place. Had hoped by now I would have felt better. I have a recovery time table in mind and things are not meeting up to my expectations.  Received a little plant the other day with Psalm 46:10 written on the pot, it caught my eye just as I started to feel discouraged. The scripture was oh so familiar, and the Lord had directed me to it many times these last several months, "Be still and know that I am God", it was as if he was speaking to me in that moment. Reminder to self..he is God I am not...he knows the plans and purposes for my life.. I do not... I am where he wants me to be, physical limitations and all. Looks like "recliner time" continues! I need to change my perspective, this time of recovery is a blessing not a curse. 
God continues to provide well, I have a husband who has been willing to do anything, ladies with children, jobs, school and full schedules who are willing to serve with meals and even take care of my laundry needs. I am overwhelmed when I think of people being willing to do that...very humbling.  Hard for me to be still.. to wait.. to remember God is in perfect control of my life and his ways are not my ways. This is refining time.

Perfect way to spend "recliner time"

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Nicole said...

I have learned that patience doesn't just happen; it's a virtue that needs to be "practiced" just like any type of difficult skill.