Thursday, March 17, 2011

Looks Familiar

Been going down a strangely familiar road the last couple of days. My post-op recovery seems to be mirroring my last recovery. Immune system so suppressed that I  pick up anything that I get exposed to. Last couple of days have been rough, impossible to keep anything down, a poorly timed stomach virus? Thankful that I have a physician who was willing to help me get through it without having to make the trek into the office.

Since my appetite had not been good last several days, I knew I needed to call my doc when  I was unable to even tolerate liquids....did not want to end up in the E.R. The office nurse quite helpful, made some suggestions asked me to call them back in an hour with update...My physician followed up again with another call and a call to my pharmacy for phenergan.....finally relief! Another suggestion from her office was to make some lemonade and add a little salt, I was to start drinking it as soon as the medication kicked in. After husband made it, realized it was a little like Gatorade. Note to self...from now on keep saltines and Gatorade in the house for sick days.

Yesterday was a lost day but for the most part I have been using my down time. I started reading a couple of books..I always have a couple in progress..short attention span. Looking through gardening magazines, hoping to get inspired. Seeds continue to come in the mail and indoor seed trays are sprouting. My daffodils are blooming and tulips poking through the ground. I remember when I planted them, it was right before my mastectomy. I didn't really know what was ahead of me at the time but I felt sure things would get better by Spring....it looks like I may have been right....thankful for God's sustaining grace.

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